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Three Signs You Might Need a Data Fabric

A data fabric can help you access all your data and reach actionable insights. Here are three indicators that a data fabric may benefit your enterprise.

AI Readiness with Fern Halper

TDWI’s Fern Halper explains what enterprises need to do to prepare for AI and introduces initial results from TDWI’s AI Readiness Assessment.

Four Tips for Achieving Lasting ROI with a Data Lakehouse

Data lakehouses provide new data storage possibilities, but implementing them can be challenging. These four tips will help you achieve long-lasting ROI from this architecture.

From Data-Driven to Data-Centric: The Next Evolution in Business Strategy

In an age of data-driven strategic decision-making, some companies are sensing a shift: to be successful in the future, they will need to evolve to be data-centric, not just data-driven.

Data Platforms for AI and ML with Richard Winter

Independent consultant Richard Winter explains what a data platform is, the role of generative AI, and how to protect data from public exposure in chatbots.

Is a Semantic Data Plane the Answer to Poor Data Management?

With so many obstacles to a successful data management strategy, can a semantic data plane make a difference?

Data Decentralized: Empowering Teams with a Data Mesh Approach

Why forward-thinking organizations are turning to a data mesh architecture.

How Generative AI and Data Management Can Augment Human Interaction with Data

With access to a broad sample of good-quality data and a thorough, disciplined tuning process, organizations will be better equipped to overcome the limitations of the current breed of generative AI functionality.

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