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Contributor: Troy Hiltbrand

Troy Hiltbrand is the Chief Digital Officer at Kyäni where he is responsible for digital strategy and transformation. You can reach the author at [email protected].



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Merging Multisource Customer Data

Finding common attributes to join customer data across multiple data sources is extremely important, but it can be time consuming and challenging. Thankfully, there are methods and tools that can help in this process.

Do You Understand the Knowns and Unknowns in Your Data?

Effective data preparation depends on recognizing how to handle what we know and what we don't know about a set of data. Our goal as analytics professionals is to make less unknown and more known.

Connecting the Dots: One of Your Greatest Analytics Tools

Filling the gaps in data can mean the difference between an analytics project's success and failure. Choosing the right method is a combination of art and science that requires understanding the business, the data, and the targeted decision.

Use Analytics to Power Your Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing programs struggle to effectively connect with customers, but with advanced analytics, these programs can be greatly improved.

Addressing Fraud with Advanced Analytics

Credit card fraud is on the upswing, impacting consumers and every company that handles credit card transactions. What can an enterprise do to prevent it and protect itself and its legitimate consumers?

Passive vs. Active Business Intelligence

Transform your BI system from one that informs to one that compels your audience to take action.

The Importance of Analytics in Digital Business

What is the secret to making your organization successful in the constantly evolving and turbulent economy? It's analytics.

Do You Need Deep Learning?

The analytics industry is buzzing about the concept of deep learning. What is it and how is it different from predictive analytics? More important, do businesses need it to be successful?

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