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Contributor: Philip Russom

Philip Russom, Ph.D., is director of TDWI Research for data management and oversees many of TDWI’s research-oriented publications, services, and events. Before joining TDWI in 2005, Russom was an industry analyst covering BI at Forrester Research, Giga Information Group, and Hurwitz Group. He also ran his own business as an independent industry analyst and BI consultant and was a contributing editor with leading IT magazines. Before that, Russom worked in technical and marketing positions for various database vendors.


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BI Experts: Big Data and Your Data Warehouse's Data Staging Area

No part of your DW architecture is immune to big data.

BI Experts: Real-Time Quality for Real-Time Data

Don't just deliver bad data faster. Improve data in real time.

TDWI Best Practices Report: Next Generation Master Data Management

Next Generation Master Data Management: Executive Summary

This TDWI Research report describes the many new best practices, solutions, and tools that have emerged as next generation master data management (MDM). It also helps readers map their options to real-world use cases and develop a strategy for MDM.

Busting 10 Myths about Hadoop

Hadoop is still misunderstood by many BI professionals.

BI Experts: Why Enterprise Data Strategies Must Support Business Goals

Success with enterprise business goals demands strategies for enterprise data.

The State of Operational Data Warehousing

This article originally appeared in the issue of .

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