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Contributor: James Powell

James E. Powell is the editorial director of and for the TDWI Business Intelligence Journal and the TDWI BI This Week newsletter.


All articles by James Powell

Sybase Survey Reveals Analytics Paradox

IT sees value of Analytics, but few have formalized analytics plan.

Q and A: Agile BI Architectures

What is an agile BI architecture, and how does it fit into an organization's overall BI approach?

Q and A: Data Modeling's Role in Agile Development

Why isn't data modeling part of agile development?

Q and A: Creating a More Agile Organization

Why is agile so important to organizations, and how does an organization get to an agile state?

Q and A: Agile Data Warehousing

We explore the difference “agile” makes in your data warehouse.

Q and A: Business Intelligence Architecture in an Agile Environment

What role does BI architecture play in an agile environment?

Q and A: Agile BI Basics

The what, who, and why behind the move to agile BI.

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