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Contributor: Fern Halper

Fern Halper, Ph.D., is vice president and senior director of TDWI Research for advanced analytics. She is well known in the analytics community, having been published hundreds of times on data mining and information technology over the past 20 years. Halper is also co-author of several Dummies books on cloud computing and big data. She focuses on advanced analytics, including predictive analytics, text and social media analysis, machine-learning, AI, cognitive computing and big data analytics approaches. She has been a partner at industry analyst firm Hurwitz & Associates and a lead data analyst for Bell Labs. Her Ph.D. is from Texas A&M University. You can reach her by email ([email protected]), on Twitter (, and on LinkedIn (


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Six Data and Analytics Trends Heard at Strata Hadoop World 2016

Details of six popular analytics trends discussed at Strata Hadoop World that employ advanced analytics and/or make data consumable.

5 Reasons Why the Presidential Election Defies Social Media Analysis

As the U.S. Presidential campaign heats up, examining Twitter posts shows the limitations of sentiment analysis.

IoT Provides Competitive Edge in Speedboat Racing

Do you think of IoT as mostly collecting consumer data? This case study is a great example of IoT technology being used to gain a literal competitive advantage.

Upside Briefing: Alteryx

Self-service platform vendor Alteryx is pushing the envelope to offer customers more kinds of advanced analytics. Here is Upside's first impression of Alteryx 10.6.

Two Tips for Citizen Data Scientists

Have analytics tools made it too easy for business users to think they can perform the role of a data scientist without the rigorous training needed to do the job right?

Upside Briefing: FICO

Decision management provides a way for organizations to clarify how their decisions are made and structured. We offer Upside's first impression of FICO's decision management tools.

Upside Briefing: Dell Statistica

Dell recently released Statistica 13.1. We offer Upside's first impressions from a business briefing and a look at the idea of a citizen data scientist.

Upside Briefing: IBM Advanced Analytics

IBM believes that analytics can be everywhere. We offer Upside's first impressions from a business briefing.

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