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BI This Week

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Why Big Data Requires a Big Commitment from the Top

Taking full advantage of a firm's information resources requires good data management practices, and that requires corporate leadership dedicated to two principles.

The Internet of Everything vs. the Internet of Some Things

The use of devices connected to the Internet is raising business and ethical questions.

Location, Location, Location

Where a transaction takes place may be just as important as traditional facts about a transaction.

4 Big Data Truths

We offer four distinct pillars of a successful big data strategy for decision makers in new product development.

Q&A: Embedded Analytics Draws Increased Interest

As the value of analytics becomes clearer, organizations are turning to embedded analytics -- tightly integrating analytics into a business process or application. That can help analytics become more pervasive, but it must be done right.

How Operational and Informational Data Management Have Converged

Three examples demonstrate how insights obtained through incremental and real-time analytics can enhance strategic decisions and operational processes.

Securing Big Data (Part 2 of 2)

The race for dominance in big data security is on. Big data vendors understand that end users would like to get back control similar to what they had in large data warehouses to meet their customers' expectations.

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