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BI This Week

See the most recent BI This Week articles below.

Q&A: BI Leaders Must Evolve to Survive

Former TDWI director Wayne Eckerson discusses industry trends that make it necessary for BI directors to reinvent themselves.

Data Digest: Semantic Data Lakes, IT Reins in Cloud BI, and IoT and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Articles we found of particular interest today involve graphing data lakes into a more understandable format, how IT may prevent an enterprise from achieving its greatest potential, how the IoT will bring great changes to our lives.

Data Digest: Healthcare's Future with Data Analytics, Pest Control and the IoT, and Applying Big Data to Real Business Needs

A pest control service combines APIs and the Internet of Things to stay in the forefront of their industry. Plus implementing real-time, big data analytics in healthcare and six ways to utilize big data in any enterprise.

Data Digest: Big Data and Buses, Text Analytics and Reputation Risk, Plus Hesitancy to Adopt Big Data

Getting people around London is enhanced thanks to big data, protecting your business reputation with text analytics and big data, plus security concerns (not incompetence) discourages big data projects.

Data Digest: Analytics and Hep-C, Teamwork Key to Big Data, and IoT Open to All

Articles of interest to business intelligence and data warehouse professionals today include a big data analytics healthcare case study in Michigan, the importance of cross-department cooperation in maximizing big data's benefits, and using IoT in any industry.

Data Digest: Small Data, Big Data, and Geospatial Data

Tips for implementing big data, using geospatial data, and choosing wisely the data you analyze.

Hadoop, Cheap Storage, and Parallel Processing

Casting Hadoop as a platform for cheap storage -- e.g., a Hadoop-based "data lake" -- only gets at half of what makes Hadoop new, compelling, and uniquely valuable.

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