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BI This Week

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8 Questions to Ask about Hadoop in the Cloud

Answers to these questions will help you choose the best public cloud solution for Hadoop analytics in your enterprise.

Tableau "Mobilizes" Visualization

With Vizable, its new mobile-first offering for data visualization and analysis, Tableau says it's targeting "people who don't yet know that they, too, can see and understand their data." With a number of key data integration-related improvements to its bread-and-butter visual discovery tool, Tableau is poised to become more self-serviceable for existing users as well.

Data Warehouses and In-Memory Technologies: Myths and Reality

In-memory technology can open doors to a new world of analytics possibilities -- but make sure your information value chain is strong enough to support the investment.

Data Digest: Cyberthreats, Big Data Correlation/Causation, and Turning Data into Sales

Top 5 threats to expect this year, how sales teams can reap 5 major benefits from effective data analytics, and heeding correlations in big data.

Data Digest: Using Unstructured Data, 5 Tips for Enterprise Security, Big Data Benefits

Hints for gaining effective insight from unstructured data, plus why keeping up-to-date with security is crucial and what big data can do for you.

Data Digest: Open Source Code, The Third Data Dimension, Rip and Replace Legacy Systems

Why do software makers release open source code, plus IoT opens up opportunities and knowing when it's time to rip and replace your legacy systems.

Data Digest: Data Protection Quick Fix, Big Data Sample Sizes, and Why Visualize Data

Don't undermine your security and compliance, plus choosing the right sample size and the purpose of visualizing data.

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