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Three Essential Trends for Data Leaders in 2024

Here’s what to look for -- and suggested actions to take -- when it comes to LLMs, verticalization within your data infrastructure, and consolidation of data operations.

Data and AI Predictions for 2024: Shifting Sands in Enterprise Data and AI Technologies

From data lakehouses and generative AI to controlling cloud migration costs, data professionals will have their hands full in 2024.

What’s Ahead in 2024 with TDWI’s Fern Halper and Dave Stodder

TDWI analysts Fern Halper, Ph.D., and David Stodder discuss what’s ahead for the data and analytics industry in 2024, including data integration modernization, generative AI, and self-service capabilities.

Data Digest: Landing a Data Science or AI Job

New data science and AI roles, how to improve your data science resume, and what to know about prompt engineers.

Data Stories: Tracking Balloons, Vacuums, and Airflow

Check out these data visualizations that track the motion of hot air balloons, vacuums, and air around a car.

Why Data Quality Will Rise to the Top of Enterprise Priorities in 2024

Data is the foundation of modern organizations, so be sure you have a sound data strategy.

Data Digest: Trends for AI, Analytics, and DevOps

Predictions for the year ahead across multiple aspects of advanced analytics.

Top 3 Technological Trends Shaping the 2024 Data Landscape

Three pivotal technologies -- generative AI, data fabric, and MLOps -- are poised to redefine the data landscape. Here are the best practices for leveraging them to optimize your business operations and decision-making.

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