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Data Management and the Next Generation of AI

James Kobielus, TDWI’s senior director of research for data management, talks about how to update your data management practices to prepare for the next generation of AI.

What’s Coming in Analytics (And How We’ll Get There)

From AI/ML and the composable enterprise to advances in quantum computing, there are plenty of changes ahead for analytics. Here are particular areas to watch.

New York Times Versus Microsoft: The Legal Status of Your AI Training Set

Watch out! Your AI solution should guarantee that you won’t be responsible if any legal claims are made about its training data.

Data Digest: AI Use and Improvement

How SMBs use AI, the extent of hallucination problems with generative AI, and technologies that might help AI be more trustworthy.

The Race to AI Implementation: 2024 and Beyond

AI can improve performance and productivity, but choosing the right hardware vendor to support your AI is critical. Here’s what you must consider.

Data Stories: Layoffs and Unions

These data visualizations show seasonality in layoffs, the history of strikes, and Americans’ current attitudes about labor unions.

Case Study: Creating A Visual Dashboard of Forced Labor Around the Globe

The SAS Hackathon winner for 2023 was a group effort. Here’s how the project came about and came together, what data sources it used, who did what (and why), how the team overcame challenges, and what’s ahead for the project.

Prioritizing Data: Why a Solid Data Management Strategy Will Be Critical in 2024

This year, smart enterprises will see beyond hype and strategically position themselves for success by using data as a foundational asset to deliver growth, innovation, and competitive advantage.

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