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Data Digest: Programming Data Science and AI

Programming languages for data science, using Python as a data quality tool, and popular languages for programming AI.

Is It Too Late for My Organization to Leverage AI?

The good news is that it’s not too late to start leveraging AI -- but the clock is ticking.

Data Stories: Smoking, Smoke, and Methane

The history of cigarettes, animated wildfires, and the problem with food waste.

How Generative AI and Data Management Can Augment Human Interaction with Data

With access to a broad sample of good-quality data and a thorough, disciplined tuning process, organizations will be better equipped to overcome the limitations of the current breed of generative AI functionality.

Data Digest: Data Science and Predictive Analytics Today

The challenges data scientists face, metrics for hybrid cloud, and how generative AI can work with predictive analytics.

Generative AI Enthusiasm Versus Expertise: A Boardroom Disconnect

Members of corporate boards may overestimate their generative AI expertise and instead should be on a learning curve with the technology to ensure responsible adoption.

Data Stories: Movies, Sequels, and Adaptations

The ongoing effect of COVID-19 on box office results, an exploration of movie franchises, and one character who has appeared over and over.

Building a Strong Data Culture: A Strategic Imperative

Organizations that prioritize building a strong data culture will lead the pack, transforming today’s market challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

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