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Data Modeling with Rich Fox

Rich Fox, analytics consultant and educator, discusses the ins and outs of data modeling, including why it’s still an essential practice in the age of AI.

Data Digest: Mitigating AI Risks

New EU regulations for AI, tactics for addressing biased AI, and the need for better data quality for AI systems.

Data Stories: Solstices and Solar Eclipses

How leap day impacts the calendar and two maps for the 2024 solar eclipse.

Can Synthetic Data Jumpstart Your Strategic Projects?

Don’t let sparse data derail your analytics projects. Synthetic data can fill the gaps, but choosing the right generation method is key. Explore rule-based, statistical, and GAN approaches -- with their benefits and trade-offs.

Data Digest: Industries Applying AI Today

AI and generative AI applications in the legal, healthcare, and automotive industries.

How to Eliminate Data Silos in Start-Ups

Navigating the challenges of data silos is paramount for start-ups aiming at seamless scalability. This guide draws inspiration from professional experience and case studies, offering start-up leaders a comprehensive step-by-step strategy to eliminate silos.

Data Digest: Modern Data Governance

Implementing successful governance programs and governing data for AI.

Data Stories: Historical Visualizations and Old UI

Check out early data visualizations, historical infographics, and the history of scroll bars.

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