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Data Digest: Transitioning to the Cloud, Open Source Benefits, and Surviving the IoT Data Storm

Articles offer five best practices for transitioning to the cloud with virtualization, the benefits of open source software, and how to get through the IoT data deluge.

Transitioning to the Cloud with Virtualization
(Source: Data Center Knowledge)

Every data center is going to have to modernize eventually, and that means transitioning into the cloud with virtualization. When it’s your enterprise’s turn to virtualize your data center, this article has five of the best practices for an easy transition.


Benefits of Open Source Software
(Source: Datamation)

Why should enterprises use open source? This article answers that question by showing many practical reasons for utilizing open source code and software to augment the enterprise.


Getting Through the IoT Data Storm
(Source: I Crunch Data News)

The IoT is going to lead to a huge outbreak of new data which will harm current predictive analytics models. Optimizing in this storm of data will be tremendously difficult, especially alongside the security risks that the IoT brings. This article is a warning to enterprises about the IoT.

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