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Data Digest: Taking Control of the IoT, Busting Big Data Myths, and Improving Data Security

How your enterprise needs to prepare for the Internet of Things storm, plus stepping up enterprise data security and busting big data myths.

Taking Control of the IoT
(Source: Information Age)

The IoT is on its way to full implementation in the U.S. and UK. The increase in connected devices IoT will bring requires preparation to take full advantage of the benefits. This article discusses how your enterprise needs to prepare for the IoT storm.


Step Up Your Enterprise Data Security
(Source: Computer World)

A relaxed security posture is not only dangerous (practically every enterprise will suffer a data breach at least once) but also illegal. This article looks at a recent study on security and court cases that encourage a greater focus on security. It also gives tips for building and maintaining a strong security posture.


Busting Big Data Myths
(Source: Linked In)

Big data has been around long enough that most enterprises have implemented it, but few of them can separate big data myths from big data truths. This article helps those who are still confused by busting five myths about big data.

About the Author

Quint Turner is an editorial intern at TDWI and an undergraduate English student at Skidmore College. Follow his blog at

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