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Data Digest: Recovery's 3-2-1 Rule, Industrial Analytics, Capturing More Insight

Basic backup technique with great results, capitalizing on industrial analytics' BI potential, and how to free your data to capture more insight

The Backbone of Recovery is the 3-2-1 Rule
(Source: Network Computing)

Hacking tools and infiltrations are evolving rapidly, and so must your security. However, if those shiny new security systems fail, it is up to your backup and recovery policies to save your enterprise. This article shows off a basic backup technique that has had great results, the 3-2-1 rule.

Capitalizing on Industrial Analytics’ BI Potential
(Source: Tech Target)

The Internet of Things promises major gains in data collection in all fields, but most organizations are overlooking an area in their enterprise that already is in the IoT: their log and sensor data. When their data is analyzed, these industrial IoT devices provide a huge amount of useful data, according to this article.


Free Your Data to Capture More Insight

(Source: ZDNet)

Data is indisputably a valuable asset, but it is not valuable enough to keep hidden from everybody, this article argues. Sharing your enterprise’s data with other enterprises can lead to huge gains, from getting more data to analyze to building a good relationship.

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