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TDWI Checklist Report Removes Confusion about Today’s Cloud BI Issues

New report helps enterprises understand the real and perceived issues about cloud adoption, including security, governance, data management, and cloud’s impact on BI deployment.

SEATTLE, WA, August 22, 2014—TDWI Research has released its newest Checklist Report, Demystifying Cloud BI: Six Issues to Consider. The report examines cloud BI deployment and delivery, data management, cloud costs, governance, security, and BI maturity issues.

“Cloud BI has been positioned as the next evolution in business intelligence because of the advantages the cloud provides in terms of flexibility and elasticity,” report author Fern Halper explains in the report. “The cloud provides scalable storage, computing power, and elastic resources.”

However, she points out, “there is still confusion about moving to the cloud model, and cloud BI adoption has been slow.” Despite the growing interest in cloud computing for business intelligence, organizations still are concerned about security and privacy, which this Checklist Report examines. The report is designed to help readers better understand their concerns about moving to the cloud, beginning with an examination of these and other issues.

TDWI research on big data found that organizations that incorporate the cloud as part of their analytics ecosystem are more mature than others, according to Halper. The report explores the various ways the cloud can be used for BI that do not require organizations have BI on premises or have mature BI.

In addition, the report:

  • Explains how data integration and data movement can sometimes be a stumbling block to moving to the cloud; Halper discusses several techniques that can be useful for helping data flow smoothly from one application to another
  • Why the cloud can be a good starting point for organizations interested in BI; a mature BI environment is not required
  • Examines CapEx and OpEx expenses and the importance of evaluating both types of expenditures when considering a move to the cloud
  • Looks at why concern over the challenge of governance is a positive, not a drawback

This research was sponsored by GoodData and MicroStrategy.

For a complete copy of the report or to ask questions of the author, members of the press should contact Fern Halper at [email protected].

The report is freely downloadable by the public at; a short registration is required for those downloading a TDWI report for the first time.

About the Author
Fern Halper is director of TDWI Research for advanced analytics, focusing on predictive analytics, social media analysis, text analytics, cloud computing, and other “big data” analytics approaches. She has more than 20 years of experience in data and business analysis, and has published numerous articles on data mining and information technology. Halper is co-author of "Dummies" books on cloud computing, hybrid cloud, service-oriented architecture, service management, and big data. She has been a partner at industry analyst firm Hurwitz & Associates and a lead analyst for AT&T Bell Labs. Her Ph.D. is from Texas A&M University. You can reach her at [email protected], or follow her on Twitter: @fhalper.

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