White Papers

Anritsu Achieves 351% ROI and $3+ Million in Annual Benefits with Data Analytics Upgrade

January 18, 2018

Learn how this global developer of telecommunications electronics equipment is using big data analytics to deliver advanced predictive network analytics for Telecom Service Providers, enabling them to improve customer experience and optimize service performance for subscribers.

Suunto Enriches Extreme-Sport Experience With IoT Wearable Analytics on HPE Vertica

January 18, 2018

Download this case study and learn how Suunto, an extreme-sport watch manufacturer, is analyzing massive data volumes generated by millions of weekly customer training sessions rapidly and reliably.

Supercell Adopts HPE Vertica Analytics Platform: Mobile Gaming Company Leads with Creativity Supported by Data

January 18, 2018

Download this case study and learn how Supercell, a mobile gaming developer, is using big data analytics to improve customer service by augmenting player support. See how they were able to reduce query times from hours to minutes or seconds, enabling them to react faster, fix problems and improve customer experience.

HPE Vertica Empowers Adtech Industry to Deliver Data-Driven Conversions

January 18, 2018

Download this Frost & Sullivan white paper and learn how cutting-edge advertisers such as AdForm, AppNexus, Criteo and Tapjoy are using big data analytics to deliver new insights that empower them to make optimal advertising decisions and dramatically improve campaign results.

deltaDNA Transforms Gaming Analytics with HPE Vertica: Fast Queries Let Games Respond to Player Behavior in Real-Time

January 18, 2018

Download this case study and learn how deltaDNA, a solutions provider serving the gaming industry, is using real-time analytics to detect and respond to player behavior.

AdForm Infrastructure Unlocks Value of Clients' Marketing Campaigns

January 18, 2018

Download this case study and learn how AdForm, a digital advertising and marketing company, is using a high- performance analytics platform to enable its clients to optimize their campaigns on-the-fly.

Nimble Storage Achieves 287% ROI and $34M in Annual Benefits From its Big Data Analytics Platform

January 18, 2018

Learn how this flash storage data company generated 287% ROI and an average annual benefit of $13.6M by replacing its legacy database with Vertica.

A Guide to Achieving Big Data Analytics Maturity

January 18, 2018

Want to learn how to advance your big data analytics program and discover where you are relative to your peers in big data maturity? This TDWI guide explores the different stages in the maturity model and provides best practices for advancing through each stage.

Unlock Machine Learning for the New Speed and Scale of Business

January 18, 2018

Download this white paper and learn how new in-database machine learning tools capable of processing these massive data sets are allowing companies to embrace the power of Big Data and accelerate business outcomes with predictive analytics.

IoT Challenges Require a New Approach to Data Management & Analytics

January 18, 2018

Are you ready to capitalize on IoT data? Download this white paper from Harbor Research and learn how you can overcome the challenges of fragmented and legacy systems that are simply not equipped to handle IoT data.

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