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TDWI Hadoop Readiness Guide: Interpreting Your Assessment Score

October 23, 2015

Complete the assessment, determine your score, and use the information in this guide for advice and best practices for getting full value from Hadoop.

Reason for the Model

We intended this Readiness Guide to help you, the reader, understand Hadoop and the many critical success factors that affect the success of its implementation and use. Furthermore, this guide accompanies TDWI’s Hadoop Readiness Assessment Tool, which is a browser-based questionnaire (resembling a survey) that asks how prepared you and your organization are to get full value from Hadoop. When you complete the online questionnaire, the assessment tool immediately shows you scores that quantify your readiness for Hadoop.

This guide provides a primer on Hadoop, an explanation of the Readiness Model that your assessment scores are based on, and tips for interpreting your assessment scores. Thus, it’s best that you read this guide before taking the assessment so you are prepared to interpret the scores displayed at the end of the questionnaire. Even so, the guide and the tool both make sense standalone so you can consume them in either order.

Value of the Model

The success factors built into the Readiness Model can teach you the most common and most fundamental areas where you need to prepare. Most preparations should be completed before implementing Hadoop, though some can be executed concurrently with an implementation, as explained later. Note that the online assessment tool—when it displays your scores—will also display an average of all other people who took the assessment. That way you can look at the state of your readiness in isolation, or you can add a dimension to that knowledge by comparing your strengths and weaknesses to those of other organizations.

Thank you for reading this Readiness Guide and using the Hadoop Readiness Assessment Tool. We sincerely hope you will find both useful.

Philip Russom, Director for Data Management, TDWI Research

Fern Halper, Director for Advanced Analytics, TDWI Research

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