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TDWI's Best of Business Intelligence, Volume 5

February 1, 2008

Welcome to the fifth annual TDWI’s Best of Business Intelligence: A Year in Review. Each year we select a few of TDWI’s best, most well-received, impact-full articles, research, and information, and present them to you in this publication.

Stephen Swoyer kicks off this issue with a review of recent major BI developments. “The Year of Living Dangerously” takes a look back at this year of upheaval, discussing gobbled-up BI and performance management pure-play vendors. He observes that 2007 was “the year in which the large, independent, publicly traded, best-of-breed BI and PM player all but ceased to exist (with a few exceptions).”

In “Forecast: The 2008 Technology Market,” TDWI Research analysts Wayne Eckerson and Philip Russom bring you some hints about the future of business intelligence and data integration from their TDWI Technology Market reports (an exclusive benefit for TDWI Members). To further represent TDWI Research, we’ve provided excerpts from two of the past year’s Best Practices Reports. “Best Practices in Operational BI” describes how to move BI out of the back room and embed it into the fabric of the business, delivering insight and information on demand to all workers. “Business Intelligence Solutions for SAP” describes the the issues you need to consider before deciding which mix of tools, platforms, approaches, professional services, and business sponsorship are appropriate to your solution.

In “Tailoring Performance Dashboard Content,” our selection from the Business Intelligence Journal, Ross Morrissey describes how to design performance dashboards around the capabilities and goals of the users—not the technology provider. He draws lessons from management accounting, aviation, and software interaction design, and takes a detailed look at analysis mindshare across the organization. This volume’s Ten Mistakes to Avoid will help you avoid some common pitfalls in data quality management. And thanks to columns from TDWI’s e-newsletters, you’ll learn about reinventing your BI program; agile BI development; and the adoption of predictive analytics.

TDWI is committed to providing industry professionals with information that is educational, enlightening, and immediately applicable. Enjoy, and we look forward to your feedback on TDWI's Best of Business Intelligence, Volume 5.

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