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2019 TDWI Teams, Skills, and Budgets Report
TDWI Member Exclusive

November 5, 2019

TDWI’s annual Teams, Skills, and Budgets Report enables data and analytics teams to compare themselves to their peers on a series of organizational and performance metrics. Known colloquially as the TDWI Teams Report, this year’s report is based on a web survey of 113 data and analytics professionals conducted worldwide in spring and early summer of 2019. The results are based on survey responses from IT and business professionals, business sponsors, consultants, and other types of users, with a focus on the individuals who most directly drive DM/A initiatives. Responses from vendor representatives, professors, and students have been excluded.

Where possible, this year’s TDWI Teams Report uses year-over-year comparative data to illustrate trends in the DM/A industry. Multiple-answer questions and rounding account for totals that do not equal 100 percent. All figures are based on worldwide totals and represent percentages unless otherwise indicated. In the concluding “Characteristics of DM/A Success” section, the Teams Report analyzes many factors that contribute to DM/A success or failure, including:

  • Development methodology
  • Number of years building a BI environment
  • Stages of maturity in data management and analytics
  • Team reporting structure
  • Scope of BI environments
  • Internal staff versus external resources
  • Organizational approaches
  • Number of FTEs per project
  • Size of BI team
  • Level of satisfaction regarding the size of the BI/DW team
  • BI budget
  • BI budget as a percentage of overall IT budget

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