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BI Journal Volume 22, Number 4 cover image

Business Intelligence Journal | Vol 22, No 4
TDWI Member Exclusive

December 20, 2017

Readers repeatedly tell us that they often learn the most by reading about what colleagues are doing. Although you’re interested in technologies, you’re also interested in seeing that technology in action. This issue is filled with real-world case studies and theories put into practice.

Senior editor Hugh Watson takes an in-depth look at an analytics portal developed by Mozilla to provide timely, reliable, and accurate information to its users across the company. The success of the project was due in part to the technology, but just as important were how end users were engaged and how data quality and governance were handled. As a result, the portal now helps multiple organizations work together in a tight-knit community toward common objectives.

Case studies can show us all new ways of thinking. Consider cognitive analytics systems, the disruptive technology that promised to bring significant change to businesses that embrace it. Dr. John Boyer and Rajesh Sahni examine what cognitive analytics is and how your organization can benefit from its powerful analytics.

Thinking in new ways is the subject of Alison Lasek’s article about new ways to measure success. Businesses have long used metrics to measure their progress in meeting goals, but how do you measure what seems unmeasurable? Lasek explains how her organization supported Arts Council England and 150 U.K. arts organizations to evaluate exhibitions, events, and performances beyond simple attendance figures. Lasek examines the development of high-quality metrics to assess the art organization’s success by capturing and evaluating feedback from the public, peers, and their own staff.

With so many data points available to your enterprise, how do you develop a single customer view? How do you develop a holistic view based on the data you know about a customer from their transactions and interactions? Dr. David Cattrall presents a pragmatic approach to building such a single customer view in a data warehouse.

Who’s going to perform that analysis? Our experts in this issue—Nancy Couture, Ben Daniel, and Brian Valeyko—suggest how to find staff to meet the increasing need for analysts. Do you hire from outside or upgrade the skills of existing employees? How do you identify good candidates, and what are the pluses and minuses of citizen data scientists? Our experts have plenty of hands-on, real-world experience to share.

As always, we look forward to your feedback; contact us at [email protected].

James E. Powell

Editorial Director

Business Intelligence Journal


  • The Analytics Portal at Mozilla
    The Analytics Portal at Mozilla
  • Culture Counts: Measuring Intrinsic Value
    Alison Lasek
  • Building the Single Customer View in a Data Warehouse
    Dr. David Cattrall
  • BI Expert’s Perspective: Desperately Seeking Analysts
    Nancy Couture, Ben Daniels, and Brian Valeyko
  • Cognitive Analytics: Building on Your Legacy IT Foundation
    Dr. John Boyer and Rajesh Sahni

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