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Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Deploying Visual BI and Analytics for Business Decisions
TDWI Member Exclusive

November 9, 2015

By David Stodder

Few things are hotter today than visual business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools and applications. Across organizations, business-side executives, managers, and other personnel want to strengthen the role of data and analytics in their daily decision making. Data visualization, data discovery, and analytics technologies are rapidly maturing and are becoming easier to use so that these “nontechnical” users can do more in a self-service fashion.

However, success with these technologies is not as simple as just turning them on. What should be a promising new chapter in users’ interaction with data could become a big disappointment if some key considerations are not addressed. This Ten Mistakes to Avoid identifies important factors in the success or failure of visual BI and analytics deployment and recommends practices for addressing them.

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