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Business Intelligence Journal | Vol. 20, No. 3
TDWI Member Exclusive

September 14, 2015

When you face a problem, do you look for innovative solutions? Do you look for new ways to think about an issue, think about new methods or technologies, or consider new approaches to getting the work done? In this issue of the Business Intelligence Journal we examine several innovative ways to tackle problems and look at some of the innovation solutions that may help you solve some of the BI user’s biggest problems—from finding the right talent to ensuring data quality in an era of disruptive technologies.

When it comes to innovation, our TDWI Best Practices Awards winners have plenty of examples for you to learn from. In addition, Manish Gupta looks at an emerging, innovative technology—data platform-as-a-service—to help enterprises integrate and manage data and ensure data quality. Avi Perez explores a new approach to BI software implementation that allows companies to serve a broader range of stakeholders with business analytics—assuming your users will fully embrace BI.

There’s no question that social media has changed the way enterprises interact with customers. Like it or not, it’s a resource we can’t ignore. Troy Hiltbrand explains how your organization can be innovative in approaching this communication channel to get the right message to the right people at the right time.

Hugh J. Watson introduces you to smart approaches to getting your project approved. He shares insights gained in his research and work with companies and explains best practices that will improve your chances of winning approval, even if quantifiable benefits seem incalculable.

Greg Corrigan explains best practices for identifying, recruiting, and interviewing analytics talent from outside your enterprise. Linda Briggs’s Q&A looks at where you can find data scientist skills within your organization.

Get rich quick? Paul Tallon, Barbara H. Wixom, and Anne Buff can’t help you there, but they do explain why monetizing your data assets is being considered an important business opportunity. The trick: you’ll need better and different capabilities so that data can be productized, usually achieved through partnerships.

Our Experts’ Perspective column poses the question: what should a BI director do when her new job turns out to differ from her expectations? Scott Barnes, Tracy Ring, Jim Gallo, and Kevin Lewis offer career advice.

As always, we welcome your comments about your innovative approaches to BI solutions and the articles in this issue. Please send them to [email protected].

James E. Powell
Editorial Director
Business Intelligence Journal


  • ROI: Getting Projects Approved
    Hugh J. Watson
  • Fire Up Your Social Media Strategy with Big Data Analytics
    Troy Hiltbrand
  • Recruiting Analytics Talent: Attracting, Retaining, and Growing a Critical Yet Scarce Resource
    Greg Corrigan
  • BI Q&A: High Demand Drives Up Interest in Data Scientists—and Salaries
    Linda L. Briggs
  • Partnering for Data Monetization Success
    Paul Tallon, Barbara H. Wixom, and Anne Buff
  • BI Experts’ Perspective: BI Director Challenges
    Scott Barnes & Tracy Ring, Jim Gallo, and Kevin Lewis
  • DPaaS: A Prerequisite to Effective BI in Today’s Dynamic Data Environment
    Manish Gupta
  • Seven Best Practices to Make BI Adoption Pervasive
    Avi Perez
  • Winners: TDWI Best Practices Awards 2015

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