Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Democratizing BI and Analytics

November 10, 2014

By David Stodder

Data “democratization” is a high priority for many organizations as they seek to enable data-driven decisions and actions throughout their enterprises. Firms want to expand the user base for business intelligence (BI), analytics, and data discovery so more users can move beyond uninformed, “gut feel” decision making. Users are clamoring for tools that will improve upon canned reports, limited spreadsheet views, and the general information chaos that can make data more of a burden than a blessing.

Today, BI, data discovery, and analytics technologies are maturing to enable users to work with data without the usual hand-holding by IT developers and data managers. The danger, however, is that those easy-to-use, self-service technologies will lull organizations into overlooking important concerns as they deploy tools far and wide.

This Ten Mistakes to Avoid focuses on helping organizations ensure satisfaction as they democratize BI and analytics. It recommends a balanced approach for meeting user needs while addressing the necessities of data governance and management.

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