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Business Intelligence Journal | Vol. 19, No. 1
TDWI Member Exclusive

March 17, 2014

Go big or go home. In this issue of the Business Intelligence Journal, we look at “big” and “small” from a variety of perspectives.

Big data is getting big buzz, and Bhargav Mantha looks at five guiding principles to help your enterprise make the smartest investment in, and realize the promises of, big data. Mantha stresses the importance of using the right tools and looking at current technologies, such as social media.

Senior Editor Hugh J. Watson looks at five lessons learned from a BI project at a nonprofit and the benefits, including big reductions in delivery time for critical information.

Troy Hiltbrand foresees big changes ahead in how business intelligence is executed and deployed as smart machines and automation invade areas traditionally unique to human interaction.

Justin Lovell looks at the big backlog of BI projects most enterprises have and explains how teams can implement the agile mindset when building data output applications. Lovell explores several agile concepts and how they specifically relate to business intelligence projects.

Justin Hay writes about the big game—gamification, that is. He proposes an alternative to the traditional data-governance-by-committee approach by applying principles of the gamification movement.

We also look at why small is just as important as big. Max T. Russell looks at how your attention to the smallest detail can prevent big problems. Markus Guertler discusses the importance of using responsive design for building mobile BI applications on small form factors. Our Experts’ Perspective feature discusses best practices for moving to mobile BI.

Finally, this issue’s case study describes how the Stanford Graduate School of Business realized significant performance improvements to some core operations and how that success is paving the way for pushing deeper into the cloud. In our Q&A, we examine Barry Devlin’s idea of business unintelligence.

As always, we welcome your comments, both big and small. Please send them to [email protected].

James E. Powell

Editorial Director
Business Intelligence Journal


  • How BI Makes Food for the Poor More Efficient and Effective
    Hugh J. Watson
  • Five Guiding Principles for Realizing the Promise of Big Data
    Bhargav Mantha
  • BI Best Practices: Thoroughly Think It Through
    Max T. Russell
  • Agile Business Intelligence: A Practical Approach
    Justin Lovell
  • Watson and Siri: The Rise of the BI Smart Machine
    Troy Hiltbrand
  • Data Governance Gamification Justin Hay
  • BI Case Study: Stanford Graduate School of Business Builds Operational BI for Data in the Cloud
    Linda L. Briggs
  • Q&A: Beyond Analytics and Big Data in BI
  • Responsive Design: The Key to Responsive Mobile BI Applications
    Markus Guertler
  • BI Experts’ Perspective: Mobile BI
    Jake Freivald, Suzanne Hoffman, Cindi Howson, and Nic Smith

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