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TDWI Business Intelligence Journal, Volume 18, Number 4

Business Intelligence Journal | Vol. 18, No. 4
TDWI Member Exclusive

December 9, 2013

Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs happily whistled while they worked. These days, we whistle in amazement that all their work could be done by such a small team and wonder where we can find the skilled talent we need to maintain or expand our BI initiatives.

Senior editor Hugh J. Watson, Barbara Wixom, and Thomas Pagano look at how Hertz used outsourcing to solve their resource problems. The authors describe what’s driving outsourcing of BI staff and what projects the auto rental firm chose to outsource.

John Santaferraro presents a five-point plan for filling your open data scientist positions. He touches on incentive programs, technology infrastructure, and the value of an enterprisewide culture of analytics. Linda Briggs describes a new program at the University of Texas at Austin that targets the business analytics gap plaguing many organizations.

Perhaps your organization doesn’t need more resources but rather needs to use its existing resources more effectively. Director of TDWI Research for advanced analytics Fern Halper looks at three best practices IT and business users can follow to work better together and achieve success in big data projects. Max T. Russell explains how IT professionals can build a stronger relationship with their user base by learning the art of small talk—a simple way to build trust and respect and help the IT team play a bigger, more important role in an organization’s BI efforts.

Having the right tools and technology may also reduce the stress on resources. Nilesh Bhatti discusses the benefits and challenges of implementing data virtualization to help manage increasing data volumes. Organizations must be sure the data they manage is accurate, complete, and up to date. Nancy Couture looks at how best to implement an enterprise data quality strategy. TDWI’s David Stodder looks at why organizations should harness the wide variety of data they collect.

Getting work done isn’t just a matter of human resources. Jorge Lopez explains how you get more done by leveraging mainframe data with Hadoop. Although they seem like an unlikely duo, Lopez offers some practical Hadoop use cases for mainframe users. Organizations can also run smoother when the business strategy aligns with BI’s capabilities, which is the subject of our BI Experts’ Perspective column. We provide advice from Alicia Acebo, Jim Gallo, Jane Griffin, and Brian Valeyko.

Are you working smarter? Do you whistle while you work? Let us know. We welcome your feedback and comments; please send them to [email protected].

James E. Powell

Editorial Director
Business Intelligence Journal


  • Analytics Outsourcing: The Hertz Experience
    Hugh J. Watson, Barbara H. Wixom, and Thomas C. Pagano
  • Three Best Practices for IT and Business Users in Big Data Projects
    Fern Halper
  • Mainframes: The (Other) Elephant in the Big Data Room
    Jorge A. Lopez
  • Filling the Demand for Data Scientists: A Five-Point Plan
    John Santaferraro
  • Marketing IT to BI Users In-House: The Importance of Small Talk
    Max T. Russell
  • BI Training: Closing the Business Analytics Gap at UT Austin
    Linda L. Briggs
  • Overcoming Data Challenges with Virtualization
    Nilesh Bhatti
  • Big Data Management Platforms: Architecting Heterogeneous Solutions
    Ravi Chandran
  • BI Experts’ Perspective: Aligning Business Strategy with BI Capabilities
    Alicia Acebo, Jim Gallo, Jane Griffin, and Brian Valeyko
  • Implementing an Enterprise Data Quality Strategy
    Nancy Couture
  • Data Variety: The Spice of Insight
    David Stodder

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