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Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Delivering Business-Driven BI

Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Delivering Business-Driven BI
TDWI Member Exclusive

August 19, 2013

by Laura Reeves

Most organizations have a reporting mechanism in place. Too often, these reports are not enough to meet all business needs. There is growing pressure to move forward—to an environment that supports more sophisticated analysis. In this vision, business users can use the environment themselves to access and manipulate the necessary data and drive the analytics. This is commonly called self-service business intelligence (BI). The most successful BI solutions are those whose design and subsequent use are driven by the business itself.

This is much easier said than done. It is easy to get caught up in a frenzy of activity in the attempt to build and deliver something. Too often, what is delivered is not well received by the business community, or worse, met with disappointment or resistance. The most common mistakes, and tips for avoiding them, are explained here.

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