Ten Mistakes to Avoid In an Agile BI Transformation

Ten Mistakes to Avoid in an Agile BI Transformation

May 13, 2013

By Ken Collier, Ph.D.

It’s been said that agile BI is simple but not easy. That is, the concept of working in short iterations, delivering your BI system in small increments, and evolving the solution based on feedback is easy enough for most people to understand. However, as with many things, the devil is in the details.

At its core, agile BI requires a fundamental shift in attitude, mindset, and culture—motivated by the core values and guiding principles outlined in the Agile Manifesto. This mindset shift is supported by a set of concrete practices and disciplines tailored to make up the agile BI methodology that best fits your organization. In my work with dozens of BI teams attempting to “go agile,” I’ve seen lots of mistakes. This Ten Mistakes to Avoid outlines the most common and recurring errors to help you avoid repeating the mistakes of others.

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