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TDWI Checklist Report: Integrating Data Governance into Your Operational Processes

TDWI Checklist Report // Integrating Data Governance into Your Operational Processes

August 5, 2011

Although much effort has been spent on describing organizational structures for data governance committees, their effectiveness is limited by the absence of well-defined policies and operational procedures that guide the integration of data governance and control within day-to-day processes. Individuals tasked with data stewardship responsibilities may become hesitant to embark on a list of specific actions if they begin to interfere with existing responsibilities. Periodic meetings are planned, but agendas are unstructured in the absence of clearly defined performance objectives for operationalization. Data governance meetings eventually peter out, leaving data stewards to operate in a silo, making assumptions and guessing on data policies and processes.

Attaining a sustainable data governance capability relies on defining cross-organizational processes for defining data oversight policies, processes for monitoring data policies, and enforcing compliance. This TDWI Checklist Report details recommendations that connect high-level policies to specific actions, and shows the ways that data governance tasks can be integrated into existing operational processes. Following the items on this Checklist will energize your data governance program and ensure its integration within operational workflows.

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