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Maturity Models and Assessments

  • NEW! TDWI Analytics Maturity Model Assessment

    TDWI created the online Analytics Maturity Model and Assessment in response to requests from organizations to understand how their analytics deployments compare to those of their peers.

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  • NEW! TDWI Cloud Data Warehouse Readiness Assessment

    TDWI has developed an online assessment that helps respondents understand how prepared their organizations are to move to a cloud data warehouse and support analytics.

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  • TDWI IoT Data Readiness Assessment

    TDWI's IoT Data Readiness Assessment is an online questionnaire that asks how prepared your organization is for the Internet of Things, specifically for IoT data. When you complete the questionnaire, the assessment tool immediately shows you scores that quantify your readiness for handling IoT data. It is intended to help you determine where to focus your efforts with IoT.

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  • TDWI Self-Service Analytics Maturity Model

    The TDWI Self-Service Analytics Maturity Model can help guide you on your self-service analytics journey. It provides a framework for companies to understand where they are and where they still need to go. The model can also provide guidance for companies at the beginning of the process by helping them understand best practices used by companies that are more mature in their deployments.

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