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TDWI AI Readiness Assessment

TDWI AI Readiness Assessment

Does your enterprise have the experience, tools,
and processes needed to leverage AI?

1 Take the Assessment

There is clear value to be gained from AI. It can help improve decision-making, productivity, and efficiency and has measurable top-line impact. At TDWI, we see AI already being used for many customer-focused, operational, and vertical use cases.

TDWI has created a new AI Readiness Assessment to help organizations better understand what it takes to support a successful AI program and how to advance their analytics efforts to sustain AI. The assessment measures an organization’s AI readiness in an objective way across five dimensions.

Note that this assessment will assess your overall readiness for AI, not specifically for generative AI. Although generative AI has become popular, it is but one of many useful approaches.

When you complete the online questionnaire, the assessment tool immediately provides you with scores that quantify your organization's readiness.

The assessment tool and its questions are designed for business and IT professionals involved in current AI programs or interested in getting AI programs started. The goal is to provide a framework for companies to understand where they are and where they still need to go. It will also help you understand best practices used by companies that are further advanced with AI.

2 Learn How to Improve

TDWI AI Readiness Assessment Guide

The TDWI AI Readiness Assessment Guide provides an explanation of the Readiness Model, including the stages of readiness for AI. It will also help you interpret your scores and provide recommendations for how to move forward.

You may find it helpful to read this guide before taking the assessment so you are prepared to interpret the scores displayed at the end of the questionnaire; however, the guide and the tool can each be used independently, so you can work with them in either order.