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Looking for a BI analyst to add to your team? Check out this article, “Tapping the Existing Business Analyst Talent Pool for BI Analysts.”

Although many organizations already experience a BI resource shortage, experts predict it will be a significant challenge in the future, globally and across industries. This article focuses specifically on the BI analyst role, identifying the often-overlooked opportunity to fill BI analyst needs from the existing pool of traditional business analysts.

Download this article which also looks at ways to map the maturity level of the BI analyst role against the organization’s overall BI maturity levels and offer advice to both organizations and analysts on how to develop the skills and experience applicable to BI.

Ten Mistakes Q117 cover

Building out a data science program? Lots of companies make these common mistakes. With this report, you won’t have to be one of them.

A data scientist is a fairly new name for a well-established group of professionals who engage in statistical analysis, data mining, and exploration. Many companies are still in the early stages of their data science efforts. The first step to success is learning what not to do.

Download this free report to find out whether you’re making any of these common data science program mistakes and what you can do to correct them.

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