Extend your reach and gain a new audience.

Content creators are always looking for new avenues to distribute the fruits of their labor. TDWI has programs that give sponsors access to its audience using syndicated content. Using the TDWI website to promote your content allows you to extend your reach without having to create new materials.

Deliver your marketing message to the TDWI website.

Well-rounded marketing plans combine lead-generation programs with brand awareness and brand-building campaigns. TDWI has advertising opportunities for marketers interested in finding a new audience for their product or service. Advertisers are assured a steady flow of viewers who are looking for the right solutions to their data problems.


UPSIDE Advertising

UPSIDE is a new TDWI resource that delivers timely, relevant, and actionable “short-format” content on how to transform data into intelligence and insight that ultimately impact an organization. From big data to Hadoop, predictive analytics to data integration and management, UPSIDE explains the basics, explores best practices, uncovers effective functional applications, and highlights the techniques organizations can use to drive smarter, more profitable decision making.

Banner Advertising: Leaderboard and other banners Video Series 0to60 LIVE: Short video segments with analysts and thought leaders Newsletter: Biweekly newsletter sponsorship (Tuesdays and Thursdays) Native Advertising: Article or other format to promote product or service.

New!TechPrimer Sponsorship

TechPrimers are topical, online courses focusing on technology and the market; they are based on real customer insights from recent TDWI research. Sponsors get involved with prospects to:

  • Educate them about trends and opportunities from the sponsor's perspective
  • Demonstrate your solutions in action with product demos
  • Engage and continue the conversation with qualified leads delivered weekly