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TDWI events are like no others in the industry.

For more than 25 years, TDWI has designed high-impact educational events for data and analytics professionals. These events give sponsors and exhibitors access to hundreds of business and IT leaders, analysts, data scientists, BI, data warehousing, and analytics architects, data integration specialists, and data and AI stakeholders from enterprise, small, and midsize companies across key industries—all looking to improve their knowledge and deploy the latest tools and technologies available. TDWI’s offers both a mix of in-person and virtual events such as conferences, summits, executive programs, solution spotlights, and roundtable events.

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  • Build brand awareness among business and IT leaders and data practitioners in targeted markets
  • Showcase your technology in front of high-level decision makers faced with technical challenges seeking solutions
  • Answer attendee technical questions in real time
  • Network with, engage, and influence some of the brightest minds in the data and analytics ecosystem
  • Generate new leads to fill pipelines and nurture post-event sales
  • Earn recognition as a TDWI Partner through ongoing involvement with TDWI


Analytics and data management are no longer solely the realm of IT. With the advent of software and tools for visualization, reporting, and analysis, anyone can see and derive value from their data.


Only paid conference attendees have access to the exhibit hall at designated times when no class is in session. This, coupled with organized engagements in the hall, means that the majority of attendees will visit booths and interact with exhibitors during the conference. Solution providers who have participated in TDWI events are regularly impressed by the quality and the quantity of leads they collect.


TDWI Conferences attract business and technology professionals looking for in-depth analytics and data management education and training. Conferences feature full- and half-day courses taught by first-class instructors, hands-on training, boot camps, one-on-one consulting, peer networking, and active exhibit hall and sponsorship opportunities for vendors to maximize their visibility, broaden their reach, and add strong leads to their sales funnels.

  • Conference TDWI Orlando Conference TDWI Orlando Conference

    November 5–10, 2023

    Plan for the future of data and analytics and head to Orlando for a week of sunshine in November. This conference features forward-thinking trends in the industry with hands-on training in data lakes, multi-platform data architecture, self-service analytics, and data virtualization.


TDWI Executive Summits are co-located with conference featuring interactive leadership sessions designed to foster knowledge sharing. TDWI industry analysts, faculty, leading enterprise practitioners, and vendors, guide C-level leaders on the way to move forward with their analytics and data management agendas while avoiding potential landmines. The TDWI research team covers the challenges faced by leading industries including education, finance, government, healthcare, insurance, and retail verticals.

  • Conference TDWI Orlando Executive Summit for Data Management TDWI Orlando Executive Summit

    November 6–7, 2023

    Spend two days in sunny Orlando this November for two full days of data management training. TDWI’s Executive Summit on Data Management will be hosting company leaders, executives, and directors to discuss forward-thinking trends in the industry with hands-on training in data management.


  1. High Percentage of New Attendees
    TDWI events consistently attract new attendees, which ensures new leads each time you exhibit at our events.

  2. High Percentage of New Companies
    For exhibitors, this means new prospects. In the last five years, more than 5,000 companies have sent their employees to TDWI events.

  3. More Leads at a Lower Cost
    No class is in session during exhibit hours—you have the undivided attention of all attendees during scheduled periods. We even organize special programs in the exhibit hall. Consequently, you can connect with a greater number of attendees. Research shows that the cost per lead (CPL) to exhibit at a TDWI conference is 3–5 times less than exhibiting at mega events.

  4. High-Quality Leads
    At TDWI events, only paid attendees and TDWI Members have access to exhibitors. They have a vested interest in learning more about your solutions. Every contact you make is a potential customer, which provides a significant return on investment.

  5. Equal Playing Field for All Vendors
    Exhibit spaces are standardized to create a convivial atmosphere for all vendors, large and small.

  6. Course Content Attracts Business and Technology Professionals
    TDWI courses and training draw people from both the business and technology sides of the industry. This ensures a good mix of influencers and decision makers in the classroom and the exhibit hall.

  7. Educational Value
    Attendees at TDWI events understand the value of attending—they are there to further their knowledge of analytics, BI, and data management. Furthermore, they know that learning more about the latest technologies and products will help them and their organizations move forward.

  8. Sponsored Speaking Opportunities
    For conferences and summits, TDWI offers sponsored speaking options including panel discussions, luncheons, and hospitality suites.

  9. More Sponsorship Opportunities
    Charging stations, mobile apps, and lanyards are some of the ways you can get your name in front of attendees prior to them even setting foot in the exhibit hall.

  10. The TDWI Team
    The TDWI team is dedicated to making your experience the most valuable one possible. Team members work with you to create an atmosphere conducive to engagement and results.


"The TDWI conference and Leadership Summit had a great combination of technical topics, peer networking opportunities, and useful vendor presentations. I left TDWI knowing more than when I arrived and returned to work with renewed energy and enthusiasm."

"This helped us understand the overall direction of the industry and challenges that most companies face. Each company will be different but many problems are similar. The instructors seemed to all be on a similar page with their teachings."

"We have some big data projects (as opposed to Big Data projects) coming up so the Data Governance, Data Lake, Data Virtualization, and Analytics material were very timely and relevant to me."

"From my perspective, Machine Learning concepts and Python session were good hands-on sessions, which I could use for my current work."