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Hands-On: Data Wrangling for Machine Learning with Python

Duration: One Day Course

Prerequisite: None

Course Outline

This course can also be delivered using R.

You must use the best data to build the most valuable machine learning models for data science and AI. This idea is summarized in a famous quote, “Data trumps algorithm.” In this hands-on course, you will learn some of the most useful data wrangling techniques for producing the best data for your machine learning models.

This course aims for you to return to work and immediately employ these techniques to wrangle data, enhance data analyses, and craft the most valuable machine learning models. You will get hands-on experience wrangling data using the Python pandas library via a series of labs.

Want to know the best part?

Although the course uses Python because it is free, all the concepts/techniques you will learn apply to any machine learning technology you might use.

Your Team Will Learn

  • How to wrangle data in Python
  • How to work with character data
  • How to wrangle date and time data
  • How to pivot/aggregate tables of data
  • How to join tables of data
  • Strategies for dealing with missing data
  • Additional resources to extend your learning

Geared To

  • Business and data analysts
  • BI and analytics developers and managers
  • Business users
  • Data Scientists
  • Anyone interested in building machine learning models

No skills in advanced mathematics or statistics are required!


Prerequisite: Students must be familiar with Python and Jupyter notebooks or complete the pre-recorded course “Python Quick Start” prior to the class. This pre-recorded course will be made available in advance to any students who need it.

Laptop Setup

Attendees will need a laptop computer with specific software installed before the session. In advance of the class, attendees will receive detailed software download and installation instructions.

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