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TDWI Data Quality Management

Duration: 6 to 8 Hours

This course is designed to help your organization better understand and successfully tackle your data quality challenges.

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Increasingly organizations are recognizing that their data assets are a critical, often unexploited or underexploited tool for managing and improving organizational performance. Partly, this is fueled by that fact that the potential value of data has now become clear as evidenced by the terms “analytics” and “big data” becoming everyday household terms.

At the same time it is indisputable that data quality is a universal organizational problem. Managing data quality is clearly a necessary condition for fully leveraging data assets for business advantage. Organizations that have the best of intentions, however, often struggle to plan a path and put processes in place that will address their data quality problem. This course will get you get on the road to improving your organization’s data quality.

You Will Learn

  • Types of data quality problems that exist and why they occur
  • How to use Data Profiling to uncover data quality problem
  • How to design and conduct both Subjective and Objective Data Quality Assessments
  • How to employ OLAP and Dashboards to continually measure and manage Data Quality
  • Approaches for employing Data Cleansing Techniques to improve Data Quality
  • The benefits of Root Cause Analysis and Process Improvement

Geared To

  • BI, MDM, and data governance program and project managers and practitioners; data stewards; data warehouse designers and developers; data quality professionals




Nancy Williams

Vice President of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

DecisionPath Consulting

Focusing her work on how Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics and Data Warehousing can be leveraged to improve business performance, Nancy is a well-known industry educator, author, and practitioner. She has more than 25 years of technical and business management experience.

Nancy has provided BI, Analytics and Data Warehousing strategic and design and development support to leading Fortune 500 and mid-market companies across a range of industries. She has also provided BI consulting support to the Federal government and other public sector clients.

Her areas of consulting and training expertise include:

  • BI/Analytics/DW Program Assessments
  • BI/Analytics and Data Warehousing Strategy and Roadmap Development
  • BI/Analytics Requirements for Business Impact
  • Data Governance and Data Quality Management
  • BI/Analytics Program and Project Management
  • BI/Analytics Organizational Design and Skill Set Assessment
  • BI/Analytics Development Methodologies
  • Logical Data Modeling Support

Nancy Williams has served leadership roles in organizations that have new or immature BI/Analytics and Data Warehousing/BI capabilities, working with them to stand up and/or mature capabilities. She has also provided consulting support to organizational initiatives aimed at maturing legacy data warehouse initiatives to deliver increased business value. She co-authored the design of the BI Pathway methodology, which is a recognized industry data warehousing/BI methodology focused on leveraging data resources to deliver business value. This methodology was adopted by numerous organizations, including Eli Lilly, and organizations within the Department of Defense.

Nancy is a regular speaker and keynote presenter at industry events. She has taught a wide range of classes for TDWI and has served as an industry Best Practices judge for more than fifteen years. She has also been invited to speak at DAMA and American Strategic Management Performance Management events and has participated in the BI Independent Analyst Platform, comprised of leading industry experts.

Nancy has hosted the BI impact channel on the B-Eye Network and has served as a BI expert for the DM Review Ask the Experts channel. She has authored or co-authored articles in numerous publications, including Strategic Finance, Business Trends Quarterly, DM Review, Oracle’s Profit Magazine, Teradata Magazine, Business Performance Management Magazine, and the Business Intelligence Journal. She is also co-author of the highly rated book The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence.

Nancy received her MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia.