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TDWI Analytics Fundamentals

Duration: 5 to 8 Hours

A full course overview of analytics, from foundational principles to how and why to implement.

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Analytics is a hot topic, but also a complex topic. This continuously growing field now includes descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Applied analytics including optimization, simulation, and automation expand the scope. Data growth also fuels the complexity – unstructured data, big data, social data, data streams, and more. Advanced analytics continues to expand with complex event processing, machine learning, cognitive computing, etc.

In the growing and evolving world of analytics we’re also experiencing a shift of roles and responsibilities. The “data things” that were once seen as IT responsibilities have become critical business skills. Analytics spans a continuum that encompasses IT departments, data scientists, data analysts, business analysts, business managers, and business leadership. It seems that everyone has a stake in analytics. Coordination, cross-functional analysis, data sharing, and governance all become important skills.

You Will Learn

  • The full foundational principles of analytics: statistics, visualizations, and business impact
  • Variations and applications of analytics: business and data analytics
  • The how and why of implementing analytics
  • The fundamental concepts and practices of analytic modeling
  • Includes Exercises

Geared To

  • Those seeking an introductory overview of analytics wanting to understand, draw insights, and leverage data more effectively
  • Business analysts, data analysts, data scientists and those who aspire to these roles
  • Business leaders and managers seeking to understand business dynamics through analytics
  • IT leaders and managers responsible to deliver and to support analytics initiatives

Continuing Professional Education Credits: 5

Apply these credits toward your CBIP recertification. Not certified? Learn more about CBIP and how to get certified here.



Chris Adamson 

Chris Adamson

Chris Adamsonis a BI specialist, educator and author with a passion for using information to improve business performance. He speaks and teaches worldwide, writes books about business intelligence, and provides services through his company, Oakton Software LLC.

Chris works with clients in all industries to establish BI and analytics programs, identify and prioritize projects, design solutions, and manage implementations. His customers have included Fortune 500 companies, government entities, and software tool vendors An effective and dynamic communicator, Chris shares over 20 years of experience with students at conferences, seminars and onsite. He is a faculty member at TDWI, and has taught dimensional modeling, analytics, and BI principles to thousands of students around the world.

Chris has penned numerous articles and books. His latest book is Star Schema: The Complete Reference (McGraw-Hill, 2010). He is also author of Mastering Data Warehouse Aggregates, and co-author of Data Warehouse Design Solutions, both published by Wiley. Chris blogs about data warehousing at