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NoSQL Bootcamp: Hands-on with MongoDB and Neo4j

Enroll in this new 7-week intensive program that combines weekly lectures and walkthroughs with hands-on activities to help you understand the fundamentals of NoSQL platforms.

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A Seven-Week Certificate Course 

The phenomena of big data analytics and NoSQL technology are driving demand for new skills for BI, analytics, and data management professionals. These new data platforms shake up the ways databases are designed and managed, and open doors to new forms of query and analysis. This seven-week certificate program provides the in-depth experience needed for team members who will work with nonrelational data, from data scientists to data modelers to data engineers. 

This intensive program combines weekly lectures and walkthroughs with hands-on activities to help you understand the fundamentals of NoSQL platforms. You will learn how to develop and use the two most popular NoSQL models: document stores and graph databases. You will also gain hands-on experience with the MongoDB and Neo4j platforms. 

Each week, you will receive lectures and course work that you can complete on your own schedule, which will be reviewed by the instructor. For your capstone project, you will build a solution that synthesizes what you have learned. Certificates of completion are awarded to all students who submit satisfactory work by the end of the seven weeks. 

You Will Learn

  • Students completing this course will learn: 
  • How to categorize NoSQL and relational databases 
  • Principles and syntax of the JSON data format for interacting with NoSQL data stores
  • How to access JSON data using Python
  • To install and use MongoDB and Neo4j
  • Concepts and terminology related to document and graph databases
  • Design practices for document and graph databases
  • How to load data into MongoDB and Neo4j
  • Query and analysis practices for document and graph databases
  • Syntax of the MongoDB and Neo4j query languages
  • How to identify analytics use cases and business applications for document and graph data
  • How to apply your knowledge by completing a capstone project using MongoDB or Neo4j 

Geared To

This course is intended for people with the following backgrounds

  • Data science team members who access and analyze data
  • Data analysts, modelers, and database administrators who design and manage databases
  • Analytics professionals who want to understand the potential of NoSQL analytics in solving problems where relational technology falls short
  • Data architects learning how NoSQL platforms can fit into their environments
  • Business and technology professionals with existing relational database experience who want to diversify their skills 



Mark Peco

Mark Peco

BI Consultant and Instructor, CBIP

Mark Peco, CBIP, is an experienced consultant, educator, manager, analyst, and team builder. He holds a graduate degree in engineering from the University of Waterloo and has led numerous consulting and software development projects helping clients to adapt to fundamental shifts in business models and requirements. His experience includes strategy development, business intelligence, data warehousing, compliance, analytics, mathematical modeling, and application development. Mark’s industry experience includes the energy, metals, and financial sectors.