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5 Use Cases for Integrating Big Data Tools with a Data Warehouse

These five use cases are good examples of how you can use big data tools to stage data for your data warehouse.

Distilled Analytics Releases New Predictive Identity Platform

Solution can identify risk and speed new customer onboarding.

Data Digest: Edge Computing, Data Science Interviews, Data Ethics

Why edge intelligence matters for IoT, questions to ask at a data scientist interview, and considerations for modern data ethics.

Presenso Releases New Predictive Maintenance Solution

Presenso’s advanced analytics tools for predictive maintenance don’t require big data experts.

Data Stories: How Are You Feeling?

These charts explore trends in happiness, what annoyances prompt public complaint, and the market for scented candles.

ABCs of Evaluating Your Advanced Analytics Initiative

Evaluating your advanced analytics initiatives can be as easy as checking their ABCs.

Data Digest: AI Basics, ML Decisions, Internet Bots

The definitions of AI and machine learning, how to tell whether you need ML, and what the spread of Internet bots could mean.

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