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Philip Russom

The Ramifications of Trusted Data

What is "trusted data" and how do we achieve it?

Mike Schiff

Emerging DW Technologies: Some Things Old are New Again

As data warehousing has continued to evolve, many vendors have introduced technologies they marketed as new and innovative -- but are they?

Wayne Eckerson

What’s Hot: Reflecting on Sticky Dots at the BI Executive Summit

What technologies will be important in the next three years?

Philip Russom

Emerging Tech: Data Integration for Real-Time DW

Real-time data warehousing is best enabled by real-time data integration tools and techniques

Mike Schiff

Crackdown on Fraud will Increase Demand for Analytics

The record Federal government deficits are a catalyst for identifying fraud and misuse of Federal funds; data warehouse technology will almost certainly facilitate this analysis because it will be necessary to integrate numerous, disparate data sources, clean and consolidate them, and utilize business intelligence tools.

SQL-Based Agile Analytics

TDWI sees SQL-based agile analytics increasingly used as a primary analytic method, not just a reactive one, so it’s possible that you’ll be doing it soon if you aren't already.

Mike Schiff

Agile DW: Analytic Capabilities in Operational Systems

Why having operational systems include strong analytic capabilities is so important

Wayne Eckerson

New to Business Intelligence? What Every Executive Should Know

How to get started with BI

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