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September 17, 2021 8:00-12:00 Data Culture and AI Myths

Connect. Share. Learn ***1 City Place*** 

Dear TDWI St. Louis BI/DW and Analytics Professionals,
Dear TDWI St. Louis BI/DW and Analytics Professionals, 
TDWI makes a return to in person events! We cordially invite you to attend our upcoming TDWI St. Louis meeting on September 17, 2021. Come meet other local professionals, swap business cards, share ideas, and exchange career advice while listening to quality presentations in a vendor-neutral setting, which is the hallmark of TDWI education. Please see our detailed meeting agenda below.  Out of an abundance of caution, we ask that attendees please wear masks and maintain social distancing. 


September, 17 2021 8:00 - 12:00



1 City Place Lower Level Auditorium  
1 City Place Dr
Creve Coeur, MO 63141


Data Culture and AI Myths

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8:00 – 8:20

Networking and Registration

8:20 – 8:35

Introductions and Chapter Business

8:35 – 10:00

Presentation: The Myths and Truths about AI
Rado Kotorov
It is no question that AI can deliver value. And yet, according to Gartner, more than 85% of projects will fail. Failure happens when you undertake an AI initiative based on hype and myths. We will demystify this for you and give you road-maps to success.

10:00 – 10:20



Presentation: Healthcare Price Transparency data challenges
Paul Boal
Healthcare costs in the United States account for 18% of the GDP and climbing. More than half of all bankruptcies are attributed at least in part to unexpected medical expenses. What individual patients and insurance companies pay for the same service at the same hospital can vary by many multiples. The healthcare industry has some of the least understood economics, but that’s beginning to change. Beginning with new regulations for hospitals in January 2021 and continuing with follow-on regulations for health insurance carriers in 2022 and 2023, federal regulations are requiring transparency in the pricing of healthcare service fees, insurance premiums, and coverage. The implementation of these first regulations has been a data engineer’s worst nightmare! No standards. No consistent data model or domains. No governance. As usual, “there’s gold in them-thar hills,” though. In this session, we’ll discuss what some in the industry are doing to standardize this data, the insights they’re gaining, and the impact they’re having on reducing the cost of healthcare for all.


Wrap up and Give-Aways

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Bios of Presenters

Paul Boal
Paul Boal is Vice President of Innovation and Product Development at healthcare consultancy, Amitech Solutions. Paul has 20 years of experience with healthcare information management, analytics and operational solutions including the development and implementation of enterprise strategies across a range of disciplines including enterprise data management, master data management, data warehousing and business intelligence, data science, automation, and custom applications. In addition to his role at Amitech and position as an adjunct professor at both Washington University and St. Louis University, Paul’s passion is for giving healthcare companies the tools they need to adapt to an evolving industry where data, analytics and automation are increasingly crucial for business optimization, innovation and transformation.

Dr. Rado Kotorov
Dr. Rado Kotorov is a seasoned technology innovator and executive with 25 years of experience in enterprise technologies and applications. He leverages deep understanding of data, analytics, and business applications to solve today’s business challenges and identify untapped revenue opportunities. Rado is a proven leader in developing vision and strategy for organizational change and a dedicated innovator who has co-created numerous products and patented technologies. He has worked with many large companies and government organizations in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa to deploy data-driven applications to improve efficiency and drive better decision making.

Dr. Kotorov’s present focus is on helping organizations use big data, analytics, IoT and blockchain to create new business models for the digital economy. Dr. Kotorov holds a PhD from Bowling Green State University, Department of Applied Philosophy. He specialized in Decision and Game Theory and Transaction Cost Economics.

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