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Revefi Introduces Data Observability Solution: Revefi Data Operations Cloud

Holistic, zero-touch platform empowers data teams to solve critical problems and businesses to save money

Note: TDWI's editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

Revefi has released Revefi Data Operations Cloud, a new zero-touch platform to monitor and manage data quality, performance, and costs. This new Revefi platform is a co-pilot that provides data teams with the right data in their cloud data warehouses, reliably, promptly, and affordably so their organizations can use the data to make critical business decisions.

Revefi also leads to significant savings. For example, one customer used Revefi to uncover insights that allowed them within weeks to reduce costs by nearly 30% on their total Snowflake expenditures -- a near-six-figure savings -- while increasing their use of the cloud data platform by 35%.

The problem of bad data quality, which Gartner says causes businesses to lose an average of $12.9 million a year, has been long understood. That’s what led to the sea of siloed data observability tools that has emerged in recent years. However, such tools have limited effectiveness because bad data quality is just part of the problem. Unpredictable and often unwarranted costs are another massive business pain point because organizations cannot proactively set and manage limits for their data warehouse users. There is limited visibility today into why and how these services are being used. As a result, businesses are frequently surprised by their data warehouse service provider bills, which can rapidly snowball out of control and in some cases can add tens of thousands of dollars to their bills in just one weekend.

Revefi Data Operations Cloud now addresses both challenges. 

In just a few minutes, Revefi Data Operations Cloud automatically connects data quality, performance, spending, and use without requiring any manual thresholds and configurations, and creates a baseline using proprietary AI models. Revefi constantly monitors systems and alerts users if and where there is unexpected behavior related to spending or data. The system also automatically ranks issues based on magnitude and use, and generates information and details about the root cause to help users understand situations and take immediate action.

“Revefi has transformed the way we manage our data systems,” said Brandon Harris, vice president of data and technology at FCP Euro. “Within mere minutes of joining, we identified critical issues and implemented solutions, slashing roughly 5% off our Snowflake bill. With Revefi’s insights, we recognized various table load scenarios and, using the strategies we developed, decreased execution time by nearly 30%.”

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