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Positive Strides in Data and Analytics Roles in Improving Ethnic and Racial Diversity

New report notes progress, warns against complacency.

The results of the State of Diversity in Data and Analytics 2021/2022 report have revealed that 71 percent of people entering the U.S. data and analytics industry in their first role are people of color.

This is according to a study of 4,600 respondents undertaken by data and analytics recruitment firm, Harnham. []

However, the report warns against complacency and urges organizations to up the ante on their diversity and inclusion initiatives over the next 12 months and beyond.  

Businesses must work especially hard to improve equality of representation. Indeed, Black and African American individuals account for 12 percent of the U.S., but only three percent of data and analytics professionals. Similarly, Hispanic and Latinx professionals only represent six percent of the industry while making up 19 percent of the country’s population.

The good news is that Asian Americans are well represented in that they make up significantly more of the industry than they do of the country as a whole -- 30 percent versus 6 percent. Indian Americans account for nearly half of this group and 12 percent of the industry.

Unfortunately, this positive outlook does not hold for leadership positions. The report shows a clear decline in the percentage of people of color in the industry the further up the seniority ladder we look. From 56 percent of entry-level professionals, this nearly halves to just 30 percent of head of/VPs. 

The report also explores women in data. Here, the picture is mixed when it comes to women in leadership. While we still see a general decline, there are a few increases along the way, both at mid-level and head of/VP-level. 

A copy of the Harnham Diversity Report in Data & Analytics is available for download here (short registration required).

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