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Couchbase Releases Server 7 for Modern and Legacy Databases

New release combines the functionality of relational databases with the flexibility and scale of a document database, enabling application modernization initiatives.

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

Couchbase, Inc., a provider of databases for enterprise applications, released Couchbase Server 7. This release bridges the best aspects of relational databases such as ACID transactions with the flexibility of a modern database, allowing enterprises to accelerate strategic initiatives such as more quickly moving business-critical applications into the cloud. With Couchbase Server 7, enterprise development teams get one unified platform and no longer need to use one database for transactions and a separate database for developer agility and scale.

Customers benefit in many ways, including the ability to execute business transactions within their customer-facing applications, develop rich customer-360 data models and applications that drive personalization, and execute long-standing plans to modernize relational-based applications to the cloud. Development teams can more easily make the transition from legacy relational databases to Couchbase’s modern database without needing to retrain team members because the platform supports the programming languages they already use, combined with the familiarity of SQL that they already know. 

Couchbase Server 7 highlights include: 

  • Eliminating the complexities of database sprawl by adding fully mature SQL transaction capabilities meaning customers no longer need both a relational database and a NoSQL database. Couchbase now has multistatement SQL transactions by fusing together transactions and high-volume interactions. Customers can do multidocument SQL ACID transactions with interactions in microseconds, all within one unified database platform. 
  • Enabling runtime updates with zero downtime through a dynamic data containment model. Couchbase Server 7 introduces schema and table-like organizing structures, called “Scopes and Collections,” within the schemaless database. Customers can add a table (the “Collection”) in Couchbase, while transactions are happening without having to add or modify the schema (the “Scope”) or take down the database for this upgrade. The new multilevel, dynamic data organizing structure allows the platform to match and migrate relational data models into Couchbase Server 7, then inverts ongoing control of the data structures from the database administrator to the application developer, improving their productivity.
  • Faster operational performance that lowers the total cost of ownership facilitated by collection-level processing of data access, partitioning, and index isolation. Couchbase Server 7 also adds a configurable backup service. Data sets delivered to microservices are faster, index builds execute in parallel, and indexes are portable during data rebalancing. The query service adds a cost-based query optimizer to replace its former rules-based optimization. 

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