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Data Stories: Who Uses Cash, How Universities Spend It, and the Cost of IT Outages

This week's Data Stories looks at cash—which countries use it most, how colleges and universities spend it, and how much of it disappears when your IT system goes down.


High Internet Use and State Support Help Countries Ditch Cash

cash usage vs internet use

According to this chart from The Economist, countries with more internet users use less cash. However, there are some notable exceptions.


College Cash Flow

income and expenses for universities

Although the cost of a college education for students gets the lion's share of the press these days, how much do we know about the actual cost of providing that degree? This chart from the Tableau user gallery breaks the numbers down for us.


Quantifying the Staggering Cost of IT Outages

cost of IT outages

In the past, a server outage was mostly considered a minor nuisance for the average business. Today, however, the cost of down time can be staggering in terms of lost revenue and customer goodwill. This survey from Vertiv tallies up the astronomical costs involved.

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