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Data Digest: Data Literacy for the Business

Recent research shows that corporate data management still needs work. Here are some helpful articles to shore up the effort.


Report Highlights Widespread Shortcomings in Corporate Management

Recently, Dun & Bradstreet commissioned an exploration of the data experiences of more than 500 businesses in the U.S. and UK. What they found shows there's a great deal of work to be done.

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How to Help a Non-Technical Audience Understand Their Readiness for Data Science

How should one respond when asked to help someone "understand data science"? Read these five tips from an educator whose task is exactly that.

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Data Integration vs. Data Quality: Friends of Foes?

Data is everyone's business these days, but not everyone has the skills or experience to understand the conversation. Here's a quick primer of key data integration concepts to help you follow along.

Read more at Cutter Consortium

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