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Data Stories: Career Highs and Lows

Use these visualizations to explore career success, what makes a career a dead end, and gender differences in careers over time.


Does Success Lead to Success?

Kellogg Insight

Is there such a thing as being on a “hot streak”? The researchers at Kellogg Insight charted the careers of thousands of scientists, artists, and film directors and looked for patterns of success.


Unsustainable Careers

Dead end careers

The tech and data industries are home to many successful careers, but which industries are most likely to lead to a dead-end? Career advice website Zippia charted expected lifetime earnings across major industry categories and looked for common threads in the lowest performers.


Gendered Jobs

flowing data

As the demographics of work (particularly white collar work) have shifted, so have some jobs changed from being primarily men to primarily women, and vice versa. Flowing Data provides a series of interactive charts you can use to explore this phenomenon.


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