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Collibra Leverages the Power of the Crowd in New Release

Crowdsourced data governance and performance and functionality enhancements improve user experience and help organizations unlock value from their data.

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

Data-driven organizations realize the importance of deriving value from their data for business advantage. However, this can only be achieved when data citizens (anyone within the organization who uses data to perform their job) can easily access the data, understand it, and trust it. Collibra, a leader in enterprise data governance and catalog software, has released Collibra 5.4 with new crowdsourced social functionality that leverages the knowledge and insights of business users across the organization to allow them to rate and review data assets and extend data governance engagement and collaboration.

Similar to how consumers benefit from a five-star rating system on sites such as Amazon to help guide their selection process, the Collibra 5.4 ratings and reviews functionality includes a new starred rating section on each asset page. This offers users fast insights into trustworthy assets (such as data sets) and helps them make better decisions about which data to use based on trusted feedback from their peers.

Additional Collibra 5.4 Enhancements

Dedicated report catalog page and functionality: To drive broad data governance adoption, user experience and design must be outstanding. Collibra 5.4 features one single place where users can get an overview of all the reports being built in an enterprise across different business intelligence tools and even Excel files.

Enhanced data catalog landing page: To more quickly get critical data resources in the hands of data consumers of various levels of acumen, Collibra 5.4 features a new, more graphical and user-friendly portal experience for its data catalog. The landing page includes catalog-specific search and multiple types of subpages to improve the user experience.

License management: Collibra 5.4’s license consumption dashboard for administrators makes it easy to ensure each user has the required license while staying within compliance, independent from permissions.

Repository replication: As back-up protection, Collibra 5.4 offers enterprise-level database replication support.

Enhanced quick search: Collibra 5.4 features enhanced quick search functionality that begins making suggestions even before a user starts typing.

Tableau: Collibra 5.4 includes an infrastructure to parse Tableau workbooks, going beyond what the Tableau API makes available in terms of metadata.

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