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ASG Technologies Empowers Business Users with Data Intelligence 9.0

New release extends governance capability and introduces the data catalog.

Note: TDWI’s editors carefully choose vendor-issued press releases about new or upgraded products and services. We have edited and/or condensed this release to highlight key features but make no claims as to the accuracy of the vendor's statements.

ASG Technologies has released Enterprise Data Intelligence 9.0. The solution's new functionality solves a growing business challenge as organizations are increasingly tasked with allowing business users to access, prepare, and analyze their own data. By delivering secure self-service, Enterprise Data Intelligence empowers business users to find and use data to inform decisions while ensuring the organization retains visibility, control, and compliance.

Benefits of ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence 9.0 include:

Timely GDPR Compliance: Automatic personal data marking provides fast and reliable identification of data. With this feature, personal data is identified throughout the entire data lineage, providing organizations with discovery capabilities, oversight, and visibility to that information wherever it exists. 

  • Cascading function automates the identification and visual representation of personal data in the data lineage to ensure compliance throughout workflows
  • GDPR dashboards, reports, and governance processes help enterprises facilitate management of privacy compliance 
  • Manual and automatic tagging enable fast and easy curation of personal data

Updated Regulatory Compliance: Many enterprises have a growing need for proper data management with increased regulatory requirements in the highly regulated financial and healthcare industries, particularly around attaining BCBS239, CCAR, IDMP, and CGMP compliance.

  • BCBS 2399 and CCAR both require an ability to demonstrate a detailed understanding of data derivation. ASG’s “Zero-Gap” lineage provides the necessary visualization of data movement and transformation to prove data traceability.
  • IDMP requires data to be collected and harmonized across multiple systems. The ASG Data Intelligence Data Inventory supports identification of data relevant to any product as changes are made.
  • FDA guidance on current goods manufacturing  practice (CGMP) for drugs requires data to be kept throughout its retention period with associated metadata required to reconstruct the CGMP activity. The data intelligence repository keeps the required metadata and a record of changes.

Business User Empowerment: Ability to "like" valuable information lets users bring their unique knowledge to exploit the best data and make the most informed decisions across the business.

  • Self-service subscription capability lets users request notifications of actions or changes to data that will alert them if governance activities affect the sources they're interested in
  • Data Quality Metrics identifies inaccurate data before it is used to make business decisions

Support for the Complete Data Estate: Visibility into the most useful data in traditional and legacy data stores, relational databases, and the data lake provides an enterprisewide view of information. It also allows more streamlined governance while helping enterprises to discover and leverage the most valuable data across the entire business.

  • Intelligent data catalog  enables fast, comprehensive full-text and faceted search across data stores
  • Ability for users to comment, reply to others' comments, and tag data directly as belonging to a common area of interest helps others quickly find the most valuable, relevant information 

ASG’s open, API-first approach enables a flexible ecosystem and expands on partner capabilities to deliver more value to business users.

ASG's Data Intelligence 9.0 allows enterprises to modernize and leverage data that enables business users to make informed decisions without risking compliance or control. The product is now available at  


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