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Data Stories: Analyzing Music and Movies

Collecting and analyzing data can provide a new view of many different industries. These articles quantify classic rock, Beatles songs, and talented actors.

Defining Classic Rock

538 classic rock

If you listen to the radio, you probably know that what constitutes “classic rock” is a moving target. Did you know that stations employ taste surveys and extensive data to determine what they play? This article from FiveThirtyEight explaining the state of classic rock is from a few years back, but it’s unlikely that radio stations have become less data-driven in that time.


Comparing Chart-Topping Songs

Dueling Data Beatles

This interactive infographic from Dueling Data compares the songwriting skills of the members of the Beatles. You can see how many of their most popular songs were written by each member of the band, what words each used most frequently, and who used the most unique words.


Acting in the Best Films

Taste actors chart

Movie recommendation provider Taste put together this list of actors who have consistently been in top-rated films by averaging ratings over a decade’s worth of movies. The next step after running an analysis like this might be to ask a follow-up question: do actors who only appear in well-received movies have good taste or good agents? How might you try and find out?


About the Author

Lindsay Stares is a production editor at TDWI. You can contact her here.

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